Friday, 9 May 2008

2 bottle lunch

Just been to lunch with Bart and our former colleague and friend Julian. Great to catch up with Julian, he's an old friend and a genuinely inspiring and honest person. An artist in his own right and an exceptional teacher in my opinion.

We deliberated a few moments at the bar while we ordered lunch and decided whether also to order a bottle of white wine, we decided in favour of the wine with 3 glasses. Julian had been stopped yesterday evening by the police for drink driving, he'd had 3 pints in his local while formulating ideas following a meeting in work. The police car had stopped him as he turned the corner onto his street. The policeman said 'I'm stopping you on suspicion of drink driving.'
'Why?' was the response.
'Because you've just pulled out of a pub car park.'
'You were acting nervous. You were only going 15 miles an hour.'
"Yes, because I was only yards from home.'
'Do you know how many people are killed each year by drink drivers?'
'Yeah, and I also know how many are killed accidently by police gunfire.' Julian was given a breathaliser test on the spot which he failed. He was taken to the police station a few miles from his home where he was stripped of his watch and possessions and his wallet was emptied. He undertook another breathaliser test at the station and much to his surprise he passed and was told no charges would be made.

Julian had to get a taxi home, the driver asked him whether he'd had good day. 'Well, no I've just been at the police station, taken in for drink driving but I passed!'
"Well,' said the driver. 'That happened to me. I was out with the wife and kids for dinner and I had 13 pints of Old Peculiar. A police car stopped me and took a breathaliser test. I thought that if I knocked him out cold we could escape and he wouldn't know what had happened, so I took a swing at him but I missed. My wife jumped in and attacked him and got charged. They hauled us in but miraculously I passed the breathaliser, I don't know how.'

Anyway, we had another bottle of wine before heading back to the office, it's Friday so we had a couple of bottles of beer by our desks.

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